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Mini-Goldendoodle Application


Thank you for your interest in our mini-Goldendoodles.  Our mini-Goldendoodles are great family pets with less shedding and a smaller size than the Golden Retriever.  Mini Goldendoodles are known for their friendly and affectionate nature and are generally good with children and other pets.  They are sociable and love being around people. Our puppies come in shades of red and red & white.  They should fall into the 25-35 pound range.

We pride ourselves on being dedicated and responsible breeders. It's important for us to have a deep understanding of each breed's specific temperament, traits and needs. Our breeding program is highly selective and regulated, ensuring the health and quality of our puppies comes first. We believe it's important to match each puppy with the right family, based on their lifestyle, energy levels and activity preferences. We will review you application and be in touch with you to help match you to the puppy that best fits your family.

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