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Welcome to Happy Top Doodles.  We are a family-based breeder located in Calhoun, Georgia. We are all involved with the care and development of our dogs and puppies.  Our dogs live in the house with the family and travel on vacations and other outings whenever possible.  We started with Aussiedoodles because we loved their beautiful coloring but soon fell in love with Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, and  Sheepadoodles.  


All our dogs are genetically tested and paired accordingly to avoid genetic health issues in our puppies.  We take pride in offering well-bred and well-socialized puppies.  We follow the Puppy Culture guidelines to ensure our puppies are ready to join their forever families with confidence and proper developmental growth.



Kirk, Cathy, Haley, Andy, Liz, and Piper Prather


Follow the link to our application and we will contact you.

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