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About Our Program


    We started Happy Top Doodles in 2018 as a small family-run program. Everyone in the family plays an active role in caring for our dogs and raising our puppies. We originally started with Aussiedoodle because we loved their looks and temperament.  We added Goldendoodles soon afterward and then added  Bernedoodles and Sheepadoodles.  We most recently expanded into Australian Bernedoodles.  We strive to produce puppies with excellent health and temperaments.  All of our dogs are genetically tested for all breed-relevant health issues.  Our dogs have also been health tested for eyes, heart, hips, elbows, and patella to ensure we are producing quality puppies that have healthy confirmations.  All of our puppies come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee.  


    All of our dogs live in the house.  We do not have an outside kennel facility.  Our dogs travel on vacations and other family outings whenever possible.  Our dogs are part of our family and enjoy hikes in the mountains and boat rides at the lake.  We also have dogs in guardian homes in our program.  These dogs live with their families and come here to breed and to have their litters.  Our guardian dogs also live in the house with their families.


    We follow Puppy Culture™ guidelines in raising our puppies.  We believe that puppies develop best when following their proven program.  Our puppies go through ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) from days 3-16.  This process has been shown to make puppies stronger, more confident, and have better temperaments throughout their lives.  They also have ESI (Early Scent Introduction) along with ENS.  This allows the puppies to learn new scents each day as a way of developing their sense of smell and to provide additional stimulation.  


    Our puppies are handled on a daily basis.  Our children play with them and frequently hold them while they are watching tv or reading. We introduce new objects of various sizes, colors, textures, and shapes regularly to help the puppies become more confident in exploring their environments.  They are exposed to different people as well as different dogs on a constant basis.  We strive to make all of these encounters positive so that our puppies grow with confidence and see people and other dogs as a friendly experience.  We also play music and recordings of different sounds such as thunder storms, fireworks, cars, planes, etc so that they can hear these sounds within the safe environments of their pens with their littermates.  This again makes them more confident as adults when they hear sounds that can cause fear or anxiety in some dogs.  Because they live in the house, they hear and see our family in our daily activities like cooking and cleaning and learn from those behaviors.

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