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Welcome to Happy Top Doodles

    Happy Top  Doodles is located conveniently between Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee in the beautiful North Georgia mountains  We are dedicated to raising Goldendoodles, Bernedoodles, Sheepadoodles, and Australian Bernedoodles with great temperaments and dispositions.  We strive to produce healthy, long-living companions that shed less than the parent breeds we know and love. Our dogs are our life and we treat each as a member of our family.  Our program is family-run and everyone in the family plays an active role in the raising and caring of our puppies.















What makes a doodle special?  Doodles are smart.  They make great service and therapy dogs.  We have placed several dogs in area high schools and service training facilities. Doodles also shed less than many other breeds.  All dogs will leave some fur in a brush when they are groomed but they tend to not drop-shed hair or leave hair on your clothing.  


Our goal is to produce healthy and well-tempered dogs and to ensure they are able to transition smoothly into their new home.  We deliberately pair our dogs based on their testing. All of our dogs are genetically tested.  This helps to ensure that our dogs won’t have any health issues.  We only pair dogs together that complement each other based on their health and genetic testing, coat, coloring, and personalities  We follow Puppy Culture and Savvy Socialization guidelines in raising our puppies.  These highly recommended programs are the industry standards for raising and training well-socialized puppies.   Our puppies go through Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) from days 3-16.  These processes have been shown to make puppies stronger and more confident, and to have better temperaments throughout their lives.  










When our puppies have fully opened their eyes and ears, they are exposed to music and other sound recordings that prepare them for noises like fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.  This helps reduce fear and anxiety as they grow.  We start litter box training as soon as the puppies become mobile and introduce crate training as they age.  This helps to make their potty training easier when they get older.  We make sure our puppies are ready for their new home by teaching them how to be comfortable in different environments.  Because they are raised inside our home instead of a kennel they experience the sights and sounds of a family environment, from the sounds of the kids playing to the smells from the kitchen and the sounds of the vacuum cleaner. Our children play with them daily. And we introduce them to new objects of varying sizes, colors, shapes, and textures on a regular basis. 





Our dogs are all part of loving families.  We do not have or use outside kennel facilities. Our dogs live in the house with us.  They travel with us on vacations and other family outings like hiking and boating. We don’t give away a dog after they are retired from our program as they are already in their forever home.   We use a vetted Guardian Home program to ensure all of our dogs live comfortable life with their loving families.  Please see our Guardian Program page for more information.


We are dedicated to our puppies for their lives.  We will always be available for our puppy buyers to answer any questions they may have for the lifetime of their dog.    




Are you considering a Doodle but are just not sure?  Do you want to learn more about us?  Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with the latest information on upcoming litters.


Kirk, Cathy, Haley, Andy, Liz, and Piper Prather

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